The new ZH lifting trolley

The partner for your loads

The key features of the ZH lift:

  • Lever design in AL lightweight construction

  • Precise drive via integrated pneumatic lifting unit or with an electric servo motor

  • Execution of the overall height and the working stroke according to customer specifications

  • Special trolleys for easy positioning and moving

  • Individual complete solution with integrated load suspension devices and grippers

  • Automatic approach to any teachable lift heights

  • Designed for continuous industrial operation

  • Battery quickly exchangeable and lockable

  • Transition-speed adjustable via joy stick

  • Areas of application in different industries

  • Overload protection with switch-off function in the event of overload

  • Integrated parking brake

Control / functions / security

The ZH lifting trolley can be equipped with a specially developed programmable compact control. Despite its compact design, this control offers a wide variety of options and functions:

Up and down control

Compressed Air-Monitoring





Integration of
electric or



The lithium-ion battery serves as an energy supply (48 V) for the ZH lift. And not only can it be changed quickly, it can also be loaded quickly. Charging takes place via a separate charger. In addition, the quick-change battery has a charge indicator, manual switch-off function and can be locked. A charging station for 2 batteries is also available.


This powerful battery is inserted into the corresponding holder, which is attached to the aluminum lever lift. No cables or lines need to be connected.


This not only saves time, but also ensures short downtimes. If the battery is empty, it can be easily removed from the holder and charged using the charger included in the scope of delivery.

Power Supply


+ Compressor

The customer-specific lifter for your industry can also be operated in a combination of lithium-ion battery and compressor. The quick-change battery thus serves as an energy source for the compressor. Like the battery, the compact compressor is attached to the ZH lift to save space.


This combination makes it possible to equip the aluminum lifting crane with a balance control. This function enables the lift to be moved individually, continuously and quickly in the Z direction. No buttons need to be pressed or pressed for this. This function, unique and new for lifters, offers completely new possibilities and areas of application.

Compressed Air Tank


In addition to the two variants mentioned above, the individual ZH lift can also be operated purely pneumatically. For this purpose, a compact compressed air tank is mounted on the lifting aid, which supplies the lifting device with compressed air.


Energy is supplied by means of a trailing line / air hose or pneumatic docking station. With this solution with a pneumatic docking station, the worker moves the quick-release lever lift to a pneumatic docking station and thus fills the built-in tank at lightning speed.

ZH lifting trolley options

  • Omiwheels for precise positioning

  • 3 or 4-fold arrangement of wheels / omiwheels

  • Dirt scraper system for the rollers / omiwheels

  • Control handle / guide bracket in capacitive design

  • Touch display for operation even when wearing gloves

  • Touch display as an indicator for height positions and additional modules

  • Programming with teach function from different height positions

  • Mechanical braking system to block the movement

  • Electric braking system for blocking the lifting movement

Individual device and gripper

We not only produce lifting devices and lifting aids, but also offer our customers individual complete solutions. So we can equip each lift with an individual device or gripper, which is developed exactly for your needs and your product.

  • Gripping Device

  • Suction Device

  • Screwing device / Screwdriver

  • Magnetic Device

  • Special Solution



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