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The new ZH lifting trolley

The partner for your loads

With its versatile expansion options, the new lifting trolley is a reliable partner in numerous industries and application areas.

Are there different items in your company that need to be moved? Everything is possible.


Talk to us, we will advise you.


In the automotive industry, the ZH lifting trolley takes care of high-precision tasks, shortens cycle times, increases quality and, at the same time, relieves the worker.


The ZH lifting trolley ensures smooth material flow. Goods are moved electrically or pneumatically with little effort.


The ZH lifting trolley with a special gripping device is your partner for lifting, turning, tipping, pouring and emptying containers in various areas.

This handling technology can be used individually. It's large working radius and various designs ensure a maximum in flexibility at every workstation.

Pharma Zeilhofer.jpg

The ZH lifting trolley fulfills all applicable standards, regulations and rules of the pharmaceutical industry and thus becomes the perfect lifting tool for your application.



Containers, raw materials, materials and finished products often have to be moved in production. The ZH lifting trolley assists with this.


The ZH lifting trolley relieves the car mechanic of his daily work and ensures that rims, tires, etc. are easily fitted.

Glas- und Fenster Zeilhofer.jpg

Heavy glass and window panes can be moved using the ZH lifting trolley without damaging them.


The ZH lifting trolley can be equipped with an expanding mandrel that allows different rolls to be tilted horizontally and vertically.

Lager Zeilhofer.jpg

The ZH lifting trolley not only helps to remove standard containers from shelves, but can also grip and move your containers safely depending on the application.


The ZH lifting trolley is your partner for lifting, turning, tipping, pouring and emptying bowls, containers and boxes in kitchens, breweries, bakeries etc.

Chemie Zeilhofer.jpg

In the chemical industry, dangerous goods are moved, filled, precisely weighed or processed. The ZH lifting trolley is the perfect partner for this.


In the aerospace industry, the ZH lifting trolley supports the worker and thus ensures high quality and safety for future passengers.

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Contact us today to find an individual solution for your product.

Zeilhofer HHT is a specialist in finding a solution that is perfectly tailored to customer requirements, even in highly complex industries, which relieves the worker and ensures an ergonomic working environment.

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