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Lifting Trolley ZH

A diverse partner

Do you need a mobile lifting device that you can use flexibly and safely in different areas and industries? The ZH lifting trolley meets exactly these requirements.


The floor-guided handcart can be equipped with 3 or 4 trolleys as required. These trolleys specially developed for the hand trolley ensure that the lifting aid or the component can be moved and positioned precisely and without great effort. Moving annoying back and forth, as with conventional fixed castors, to find the right position is a thing of the past.

Kompakt Hebelift als Hebehilfe von Zeilhofer Handhabungstechnik

Relieves any workplace


Diverse uses

Technical Data

Basis for every complete solution

Technical Data

Basis for every complete solution

The new Lifting Trolley ZH works for you and with you

With the Lifting Trolley ZH, you can move, relocate and lift objects with different weights and properties weightlessly and with little effort.


As a modular system, the ZH90 lifting axis can be used in almost any area and at any workplace.


Discover possible application examples

Lifting, moving, swivelling, turning and relocating

Thanks to the newly developed modular system and flexible expansion options, the ZH lifting trolley can be used in many different ways, either manually or with a wide variety of drive concepts.


Weight no longer plays a role with the Zeilhofer lifting tool.


Find out which functions are in it.

Powered pneumatically, electropneumatically or electrically

With its individual options, it is the basis for every complete solution for your individual application. Despite the lightweight aluminum construction, weights of up to 130kg can be lifted and moved effortlessly.


Find out more about the technical data and specifications or see the ZH90 lifting axis in action.

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